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Pâtes De Fruits $22.00, (box of 24), Gluten free, dairy free.

The handmade sweet delicatessen made from real fruit. The pâte de fruit tradition dates back to the Middle Ages, where the recipe was born unknowingly. Cooking the fruit in thick puree form was just a way of preserving the fruit beyond the season. However, their flavor very quickly seduced the palates of the connoisseurs, and soon the pâtes de fruits were to garnish the royal tables. Throughout the centuries, the monasteries kept their manufacture as a closely guarded secret, before crossing the threshold towards some of the most renowned pastry-makers and restaurants.


Gourmet Marshmallows $14.00 (bag of 12)

These handmade fluffy treats are all about texture. Based on traditional European confectionery recipe.


Mallow cake $14.00 (bag of 3)

Cookie base, dome of flavoured marshmallow, covered in chocolate.

  - lemon marshmallow and dark chocolate

  - passion fruit marshmallow and milk chocolate


Pecan snickers bars $14.00 (box of 6)

Breton cookie base, pecan caramel, covered with dark chocolate




Savoury Delights $8.00 (bag, 100 grams)

-spiced almonds: roasted almonds, salt & spices

-cheese palmier cookies: puff pastry with four Italian cheeses

-parmesan cookies


Signature Cookies $8.00 (bag, 100 grams)

-florentine: candied fruit, almonds, honey cookie covered with dark Belgian chocolate

-palmier: puff pastry with sugar

-passion fruit: shortbread with passion fruit juice

-raspberry: shortbread with raspberry juice

-romia: shortbread with caramel-almond center

-friand: almond cake cookie

-mexicana: hazelnut meringue with almond center, covered in dark Belgian chocolate

-bruges lace: thin crnchy almond cookie

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