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Manuel Latruwe offers recipes both timeless and contemporary.  We utilize only the finest ingredients: Madagascar vanilla bean, Belgian chocolate, Columbian coffee, the very best Alberta milk and cream, fresh local herbs and produce, pure natural Maple syrup, highest quality flour and nuts, European cheeses, French wine.


Join us for Belgian waffles or cappuccino with pain au chocolat for breakfast, lunch with the glass of Belgian beer, an afternoon tea with the uptown twist.  Stop by to pick up a freshly baked baguette or a loaf of bread for your family dinner.  Celebrating?  Manuel Latruwe team will be happy to assist you.  With each dessert, we will elevate the familiar to the matchless and turn even the simplest occasion into something truly memorable.

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Manuel Latruwe was born in Oostende, Belgium in 1968.  He showed an interest in baking and pastry from an early age.  At the age of 12 he enrolled in Instituut Voor Voeding - Hotelschool ”Ter Groene Poorte” in Brugge.  After six years of study, he got his first job at Patisserie Mahieu in Brussels.  He moved to Antwerp at the age of 23 to expand his skills in chocolate and ice cream making.  There, he worked at the Chocolaterie Del Rey known for its exclusive chocolate creations.  Passionate about learning, he spent his holidays working at the bakery Roussel in Caen, France owned by Daniel Roussel who had won the best baguette and the best croissant competitions the previous year.  In 1995, his rigor and hard work brought him one of the most prestigious pastry awards Grand prix Internationale de la Patisserie Mandarine Napoleon.


Around the same time, he saw a documentary on Belgian TV about Belgian-born chocolatier Bernard Callebaut and his business in Calgary.  Inspired, he contacted Bernard to discuss potential opportunities in Canada for a European style bakery.  Manuel Latruwe moved to Calgary in the winter of 1998.


Manuel Latruwe Belgian Patisserie and Bread shop opened its doors to its first customers on August 17 1998.



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